Hello, I'm Jason Hanson

Senior Software Engineer/Senior Web Developer

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    Phoenix, Arizona
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Jason Hanson

Senior Software Engineer/Senior Web Developer

I am a creative problem solver. I see puzzles to be solved and love figuring out how things work. I enjoy conquering large projects and making them my bitch. I particularly enjoy Front End Development. My strength is in design and focusing on the user experience. The current direction of web design and web development make me excited to be part of the industry.





Web Design

Designing something that is intuitive and elegant, creating a great user experience; this is what I strive to accomplish.

Web Development

Utilizing modern libraries and technologies to bring the web to life is what it's all about. I love to create something from nothing.


I have a strong obsession with photography. I've dabbled in wedding and family photography. The creative and technical aspects appeal to me.


Intesource, Inc.


Senior Software Engineer - Design, develop, test and deploy new products and features in HTML5/CSS using jQuery, AngularJS, Bootstrap, JavaScript, with AJAX/JSON, C#, in ASP.NET, for our SaaS website. Experience with MSSQL, and writing
T-SQL Stored Procedures.

Intesource, Inc.


Network Administrator - Managed 30+ Windows Servers, Hyper-V and SQL clusters, fibre and iSCSI Sans, IIS, Exchange, etc. Also support all company users computers and laptops.

Southwest Behavioral Health Services


Network Administrator - Managed 17 Windows Servers, Exchange, IIS, SQL, ISA. Assist in managing helpdesk staff in supporting 500+ employees.

Chandler-Gilbert Community College

1997, 2000-2002

Focused on Computer Science, A+ certification, and CCNA certification training.

Andrea O'Connell

CEO, Andrea O'Connell Voice Over

Jason immediately understood the target audience, key components, and the look and feel I was after. He blended the essential copy, functions and illustrative elements into a cohesive, beautiful site. Communications between us are always clear and prompt. Any time I ask for adjustments, he is quick to grasp my requirements and facilitate the changes. I couldn’t be happier.

Jonathan Hypes

Network Administrator, Intesource, Inc.

Jason's attention to detail, his ability to follow issues and code down the proverbial rabbit-hole, is a testament to his skill as a software developer. His ability to follow through to resolution (for both issues and for ensuring client satisfaction) is absolutely fantastic! I will continue to happily refer friends, family, co-workers and associates to Jason for their development needs!

Perry Nally

Senior Software Engineer, Intesource, Inc.

Working with Jason has been uplifting and inspiring. He is a very quick learner and has mastered many technologies in record time. He is dedicated and passionate about his projects and is not hesitant about recommending a better method when appropriate. He's not only a great front-end developer, but came from the IT world (networks and servers) which gives him an extra skill by knowing how the software will affect the hardware. He writes clean efficient code, always looking for and honing existing code that can be better written. He's the perfect guy for a full stack web project.

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